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                来源:im体育平台 时间::2019年1月4日(星期五)  13:30-15:30





                This study examines how key external control mechanisms – financial analysts and the news media - play different disciplinary roles in firm philanthropic behavior under earnings pressure. By integrating agency theory with research on institutional logics, we argue that due to the presence of two competing logics of corporate giving practice in environments with weak institutions (such as China), security analysts and the news media, as external control mechanisms and carriers of different institutional logics, influence firm giving decisions in contrasting ways. We further introduce firm foreign exposure as a contingency variable that reflects the degree of convergence of the two logics and thereby influences the level of contrast in the disciplinary roles of the two external control mechanisms. We find empirical evidence consistent with our hypotheses based on an analysis of industrial listed firms in China during the period of 2001 – 2014.



                刘伟萍,博士(香港城市大学),上海财经大学商学院副教授。研究领域包括产品创新、战略管理和企业社会责任,在Industrial Marketing Management、Management Decision、Asia Pacific Journal of Management和Journal of Business Research等国际权威期刊发表论文近10篇,多篇论文在Strategic Management Journal等国际顶级期刊R&R,获得Academy of Management (AOM)最佳论文奖等奖励,兼任Journal of International business Studies等国际顶级期刊的编委会成员。